Sheet Metal Machinery Topics


21. Mar. 2024

Muratec Sheet Metal Division, we held “Japan open house” for Indian customers.

From 12th to 14th March 2024, we held Japan open house for Indian sheet metal customers.

We invited customer to come to Muratec main factory of sheet metal machine in Japan Aichi, Inuyama, and introduced not only our machine also manufacturing concept “automation and process integration”.

In addition, we visited to our Japanese customer who is doing sheet metal business. At that time, we observed what is Japanese manufacturing concept, how they are doing improvement.


Currently, Muratec is trying to offer our machine, and how it will optimize Indian customer’s production. We could show these points during in this open house.


We hope this time open house visited customers has been given some ideas what is Muratec, production improvement by “automation and process integration”.