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Logistics & Automation

We propose comprehensive logistics and automation solutions.
Home Logistics & Automation, MURATEC JAPAN

In the mass consumption society, the people's needs are becoming more and more diversified. How can we provide these customers with a variety of products efficiently and timely? This is logistics, a major theme for most companies.
In 1962 the Logistics & Automation Division (called Distribution Systems Division at that time) started to produce tool cabinets for various tools & materials in the plant. This storage system using cabinets has been expanded to the multi-storied automated storage system. We combined multi-storied automated storage system with unmanned transport systems resulting in the consecutive creation of automated production processes to contribute to the prosperity of manufacturers.
As logistics is now the most important theme for every company, Muratec is providing a wide variety of logistics and factory automation systems including hardware, software and engineering in the field of mail order, medical supplies, food, publication, apparel and transport.
Muratec proposes comprehensive solutions to the customers' need.

Logistics & Automation
Logistics Center
Mail order sales systems / Medical suppliers systems
Apparel systems / Beverages / foods systems
Frozen/refrigeration systems / Chemical systems
Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (AS/RS)
Multi-storied AS/RS / Pallet-type AS/RS
Bucket-type AS/RS / Free-size AS/RS
AS/RS for large/heavy items / AS/RS for hazardous items
Rack systems
Transportation Systems
Magnetic-guided automated transportation vehicles (AGV)
Laser-guided automated transportation vehicles (LGV)
Automated transportation & sorting vehicles (RTN-X)
Overhead transportation systems (SKY-RAV)
Conveyor systems
Picking Systems
Layer picking system / Vision sensing palletizing
de-palletizing robot / Genetic algorism palletize system
Digital picking system
Sorting Systems
Steal-belt sorter / Tilt-tray Sorter
Chute Sorter / Cross Belt Sorter / In liner
Data Management system
Production management systems / Integrated control systems
Physical distribution total control systems / Warehouse management systems