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Communication Equipment

Faster, broader, and more advanced information transmission capability strengthens the business network.
Home Communication Equipment

As a pioneer in the facsimile communication market, Muratec has, since 1973, manufactured innovative products that play an integral role in office communication. The increasing reliance on network technology has placed a greater emphasis on effective knowledge management. Regardless of company size, the need to share business-critical data and communication via the network has become increasingly important. Companies with established intranet and LAN environments are bypassing traditional stand-alone copiers and facsimile devices in favor of network-ready MFP’s (multifunctional peripherals) which combine functions such as copying, printing, scanning and faxing into a single, easy-to-use device. Muratec is at the forefront of this transition by developing powerful, network-ready MFP’s and document imaging solutions that offer customer’s greater value, efficiency and reliability.

Communication Equipment
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