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Machine Tools

High-performance machine tools transforms efficiency
and quality in production.
Home Machine Tools, MURATEC JAPAN

In 1961, we entered the field of machine tools which supports modern industry at the core. Since then, we have constructed systems that integrate machining processes for volume production by combining gantry loaders and a wide variety of peripheral equipment on the basis of high-rigidity and high-precision machines. Along with this, we have established a record of achievement and experience around the world, especially in the automotive parts industry, through the provision of production systems best-suited to customer needs. It is our desire to continue to promote further improvements in machine performance, and also assist customers by providing new production systems and machining applications while considering productivity improvements from a customer point of view.

Machine Tools
Turning Machines
Twin Spindle CNC Chucker
Single Spindle CNC Chucker
CNC Turning Center
In-line Opposed Twin Spindle CNC Turning Machine
CNC Shaft Turning Machine
Self-loading Chucker
Turning FMC and FMS
NC key seating machine