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6. Sep. 2023

More than a hundred years of tempering, accumulation and innovation of Murata Machinery Sheet Metal Equipment's

The sheet metal division of Murata Machinery has a long development history of more than 100 years. It has continuously improved, innovated and launched many times the world's first products and technologies that subvert the tradition. Since our world's first turret punch press in 1934, we've been keeping launching turret punch press, bending machine, fiber laser cutting machine, punch & laser combination machine and related equipment, etc.
Its business covers the whole world and it is committed to the development of the global sheet metal processing industry as a comprehensive manufacturer. Please let us lead everyone into the development of Murata Machinery's sheet metal business.


The world's first turret punch press and NC (Numerical Control) turret punch press came out.

Muratec carries on the tradition of the Wiedemann Machine Company.
History of Wiedemann

Since year 1916

In 1916

The Wiedemann Machine Company was formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA by Theodore Wiedemann a Germany Immigrant.


In 1934

Wiedemann marketed R2, the first turret punch press.


In 1955

The worlds first NC introduced in Chicago IL at IMTS - the A1528


In 1962

The company adopted its present name, Murata Machinery, Ltd.



The world's first CNC turret punch press came out.

The history of cooperation with the Warner & Swasey Company


Since year 1964

In 1964

The Warner & Swasey Company of Cleveland, Ohio acquired Wiedemann, and exhibited the first CNC turret punch press, Wiedematic-S2550 in Chicago IL at IMTS.


In 1970

Murata Warner Swasey Co., Ltd., a joint venture with the Warner & Swasey Co., U.S.A. was established.


In 1972

Murata Warner Swasey Co., Ltd. began manufacture of CNC turret punch press in Japan.


In 1984

Launched the first laser punch combination machine.

Exhibited the NC laser & punch press combination machine, W4560 in Tokyo at JIMTOF.



History of Murata Machinery Sheet Metal


since year 1990

In 1990

Muratec officially merged with Wiedemann.


In 1994

Muratec introduces the worlds first electric servo motor turret punch press the MOTORUM 2000, in Osaka at JIMTOF.



As a comprehensive manufacturer of sheet metal equipment, Muratec has been continuously providing the greatest support for the development of the world's industries. In the innovation and development of industrial technology, in addition to punching machines, we've also introduced bending machines, automatic tool changer for bending machines, laser cutting machines, punching machines, laser cutting combination machines and related software.



We're determined to continuously create new technologies and provide customers with satisfactory, efficient and reliable products & services and strive to be the best partner of sheet metal customers.