Sheet Metal Machinery Topics


25. Apr. 2023

Muratec Robot System SL2512

Full-Auto Operation


◆Stable high-volume production without human error.

◆No need to touch machine, Night shift operation without operator.

◆Working for production which have sufficient time to due date.



Semi-Auto Operation


More higher productivity.

No need “Material loading time” including unpacking, one sheet separate handling.

Reduce “Parts supply time” for next bending process.

Only 20 sec to take supply material sheet.




Manual Operation


Single parts unit production.

Quick response for urgent job.

Availability of immediate delivery job.




Productivity Simulation



  • 1 day operation time is calculated as 8 hours. 1 months is calculated as 20 days.
  • 1 sheet punching cycle time is 2.5 minutes.
  • Manual sheet handling time is included un packing and one sheet separate action.
  • Material pallet exchange time is not considered because it is depended on material sheet thickness.

Productivity is more.

No need buffer parts management.

Labor charge can be controlled by automation.