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Hybrid Punch/Fiber Laser Combination Machines

Hybrid Punch/Fiber Laser Combination Machines

The MF series is hybrid punch / fiber Laser combination machines based on our turret punch press machine. High-speed, high-precision processing of the 30 ton punch press, combined with high-speed fiber laser cutting function provides customers with high added value.

Press capacity 300kN
Rated output 3.0kW / 4.0kW
Maximum processable sheet thickness 6.35mm
Processing combinations punching, forming, tapping, deburring, laser cutting

Dual Drive Press Brake

Dual Drive Press Brake

Muratec’s Dual Drive Press Brake BH Series is mounted with a Dual Drive System which separately controls high-speed up and down movement of the ram by AC servo motor and ball screw drive and hydraulic piston down movement. The system enables high-speed drive and stable repeat-stop accuracy to realize high productivity. Also, our original Ideal Curve Crowning System enables ideal correction curve and high bending accuracy.

BH series

Bending press force 85, 135, 185 & 250 ton
Bending length 2600mm~4100mm

BB series

Bending press force 27, 36,& 55 ton
Bending length 630mm~2100mm

High precision fiber laser

High precision fiber laser

LS series fiber laser machines have been developed for the pursuit of optimum processing of thin sheet metals. It adopts ultra-fine beam and originally developed control system to realize high-speed and high-precision processing.

Rated output 3.0kW, 4.0kW & 6.0kW

High speed punch press machine

High speed punch press machine

Our turret punch press machines have been developed for more than 80 years. Since the launch of the world's first servo motor driven CNC punch press in 1994, they’ve been developed to the 4th generation covering the press tonnage from 20 tons to 45 tons. Our original technical advantages have achieved a higher level of processing stability. We continuously launch forward-looking equipment to lead the industry and promote the development of the Industry 4.0 era.

MOTOTUM series(CNC servo motor driven ram turret punch press)

Press capacity 20, 25 & 35 ton